Here’s what you can look forward to at the 2017 Synergistix Solutions Through Partnerships Conference. We anticipate sessions full of networking opportunities, innovative ideas and insightful conversations, all designed to appeal to a variety of attendees.

2017 Solutions Through Partnerships Conference Speaker Overview
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Prediction is the New Black: How data and analytics are changing your lives and business
Presented by Mike DePalma, President – Pensare/Co-founder – The Human API
Read Mike DePalma’s Bio

Math is so Numb: Taking the pain out of your next dental visit
Presented by Matt Hutcheson, Partner/Founder, Tegra Analytics
Read Matt Hutcheson’s Bio

Understanding Disclosure Laws from All Corners
Presented by John Oroho, Executive VP and Chief Strategy Officer for Porzio Life Sciences
Read John Oroho’s Bio

What’s New in Sample Accountability
Presented by Jay Lambert, General Manager, Sample Management, Synergistix
Read Jay Lamberts’s Bio

Best Practices for Managing HCP Specialties
Presented by Greg Ungemach, Product Specialist, MedPro
Read Greg Ungemach’s Bio

How Emerging Technologies are Transforming the Engagement Strategies for Pharma
Presented by Rob Barra, VP and Co-Founder of Thingee and Jeff Bromley, VP of Sales
Read Rob Barra’s Bio

Current Hot Topics – What to Expect
Presented by Ihab Ghaly, Founder and Managing Director for G&M Health
Read Ihab Ghaly’s Bio

Synergistix 20th Anniversary
Presented by Don Schenker, President, Synergistix
Read Don Schenker’s Bio

Launch Excellence
Presented by Curt Staab, VP Emerging Life Sciences Network, TGaS
Read Curt Staab’s Bio

I’m Only Human – Rules vs Reality
Presented by Nancy Kincheloe, Manager-Sample Compliance, Abbvie, Inc.
Read Nancy Kincheloe’s Bio

Operating System Dilemma
Presented by Darren Coleman, COO, Synergistix
Read Darren Coleman’s Bio

Panel Discussions: There will also be 3PL and CSO panel discussions on the current state of the industry, such as current trends and challenges.
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CSO Panel:

3PL Panel:

These presentations and panel discussions are just a portion of the great content and idea-sharing you can expect when you attend the 2017 Solutions Through Partnerships Conference.
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