Here’s what you can look forward to at the 2016 Synergistix Annual Users Conference. We anticipate sessions full of networking opportunities, innovative ideas and insightful conversations, all designed to appeal to a variety of attendees.

2016 Synergistix Users Conference Agenda
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2016 Synergistix Users Conference Speaker Overview
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Your Sales Force: The Key to Successful CRM Utilization
Presented by: Russ Gasdia, CEO and Founder of Russell Alexander Advisors
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Hardware Selection for CATS Mobile: A Case Study
Presented by: Skip Williams, VP of Sales Operations for Aqua Pharmaceuticals
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From Outsourcing to Strategic Variablization
Presented by: Daryl Gaugler, former President of Quintiles
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Where’s my inventory?
Presented by: Jason Rosemurgy, VP of Sales and Marketing for Terso Solutions
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Variability, Clusters, Soda, Gravy
Presented by: Matt Hutcheson, Founder of Tegra Analytics
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Company Culture – Passing Fad or Generational Shift?
Presented by: Greg Besner, Founder and CEO of CultureIQ
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Transparency – Present and Future
Presented by: John Oroho, Executive VP and Chief Strategy Officer for Porzio Life Sciences
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Wearables, Connected Devices, and the Coming Revolution in Healthcare Data
Presented by: Rob Barra, VP and Co-Founder of Thingee
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Creating High Performance Vendors
Presented by: Mike Juszczyk, VP of Operations for Stayma Consulting Services
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Born to Collaborate
Presented by: Ann Mutterer, VP of Pharmaceutical Division for CCG Marketing Solutions
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Career Advancement in Pharmaceutical Operations
Presented by: Curt Staab, VP Emerging Life Sciences, TGas
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Hospital Credentialing
Presented by: Ihab Ghaly, Founder and Managing Director for G&M Health
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