Here’s what you can look forward to at the 2015 Synergistix Annual Users Conference. We anticipate sessions full of networking opportunities, innovative ideas and insightful conversations, all designed to appeal to a variety of attendees.

Leveraging the Promise of Mobility – Lessons Learned
Presented by: Michael Baca, Originator and Director of the Mobility Center of Excellence, AmerisourceBergen Corp.
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String Theory
Presented by: Jay Barrs, Olympian and Motivational Speaker
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Technology Adaptation: Making Reps’ Lives Easier
Presented by: Jeff Bromley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Thingee Corporation
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Head Business Intelligence & Commercial Services
Presented by: Alexander Drigan, Head – Business Intelligence & Commercial Services, Ferring Pharmaceuticals
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CIA Trends
Presented by: Ihab Ghaly, Founder, G&M Health, Inc.
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Dynamic Graphic Visualization: Going Beyond Static Displays
Presented by: Matt Hutcheson, Co-Founder, Tegra Analytics
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He Who Connects Wins: Leveraging Social Networks to Enhance the Customer Experience
Presented by: Charlotte McKines, VP, Global Healthcare Marketing, Merck (Retired)
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Transparency and Aggregate Spend Update
Presented by: John Oroho, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Porzio Life Sciences, LLC
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A Cultural Dilemma, a Barrier to Enhanced Revenue. Understanding Pharma Regs and Driving Profit From It.
Presented by: Steven A. Tarnoff, Founder of the Franklin Group and Pharmaceutical Consultant
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Communicating a Science-Based Story to the Masses
Presented by: Terrance Tormey, President and CEO, Prevention Pharmaceuticals
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A Review of the HCP/HCO License Landscape: Insights into the Major Authoritative Data Sources
Presented by: Gregory Ungemach, Product Specialist, MedPro Systems
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