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Direct to Patient Sampling, What You Need to Consider Before Making the Leap

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, healthcare providers are considering adopting what is called “direct-to-patient sampling.” Under this program, patients have the option to receive various types of medication at their residence. The following information provides an in-depth look at direct-to-patient sampling, program logistics and potential issues. FDA Guidance The FDA has recently released a […]

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Government Oversight, Audit and Investigations

Nobody likes an audit or investigation, especially by surprise. Synergistix wants life science companies to understand what to expect from an audit. The 2021 Synergistix webinar featured a session with Frank Adamo, a retired US DOJ agent who previously conducted audits. Here are some of his insights on how an organization can best handle being […]

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Synergistix Wins the Sun Sentinel 2021 Top Workplaces

Since 1997, Synergistix has driven the commercial success of life sciences companies by enabling them to build strong customer relationships and highly effective sales teams. As the leading provider among CRM for life sciences companies, we are valued for our collaborative approach, respected for our technical excellence and trusted to provide industry-leading security and innovation. […]

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Monitoring and Auditing to Identify Potential Fraud in PDMA Sample Transactions

Pharmaceutical companies need to monitor and audit drug samples distributed under the Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987 (PDMA). Utilizing a customer relationship management (CRM) system designed for pharmaceutical companies can be a useful tool in preventing fraud and keeping track of sampling activity. For years, pharmaceutical sales representatives delivered samples in person. With the […]

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How to Choose the Right CRM for your Life Sciences business

Customer relationship management systems, also referred to as CRMs, have been around for many years. What started with handwritten notes and ledger books has evolved into sophisticated digital programs that manage everything from daily schedules, call recording, electronic signatures and more. In the life sciences space, CRM pharmaceutical software is also critical to ensure state […]

Cost Effective Product Sampling

How Synergistix Can Help Optimize Your Existing Sampling Program

Sampling is critical within the life science industry. As the world continues to change and evolve since COVID-19, optimizing your existing sampling accountability program is key. Using the appropriate methods of sampling means you’re efficiently communicating with doctors and ultimately helping patients. Recently, the sampling landscape and the way we work has changed. Pharmaceutical representatives […]

CRM Vender Comparison

Expectations for CRM Vendor Partners

There are numerous “tricks of the trade” that come with working as a vendor partner. Maintaining a good partnership boils down to the communication and trust that should exist between the client and the vendor. Effective communication is critical for any vendor relationship, but given the importance of pharmaceutical CRM software in day to day […]

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The Synergistix 2021 Collaboration Conference

The Annual Synergistix Collaboration Conference is a no cost, invitation-only event that provides an opportunity to take advantage of networking and idea sharing in an intimate setting with leaders across the life science industry. The 2021 Synergistix Conference will be virtual this year where we will be conducting several mini webinars on Tuesdays and Thursdays […]

How Does Synergistix’s CRM Compare to Competitors

A Customer Relationship Management platform, or a CRM, for life science companies is a system that supports the automation of sales and marketing activities, administrative responsibilities and processes for a company’s sales professionals. A CRM’s foundational technology is implemented to automate a company’s sales processes, making it integral to its selling model to ensure CRM […]

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How Synergistix Meets the Needs of Various Departments

Synergistix provides CATS (Customer Analysis and Targeting System), a multifunctional CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool designed specifically for the life sciences sector and useful for a variety of departments within life science organizations. CRM processes are intricately involved in and facilitate the improvement of sales, marketing and many types of metric-based programs. This is […]