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How to Choose the Right CRM for your Life Sciences business

Customer relationship management systems also referred to as CRMs, have been around for many years. What started with handwritten notes and ledger books has evolved into sophisticated digital programs that manage everything from daily schedules, call recording, electronic signatures and more. In the life sciences space, a CRM is also critical to ensure state and federal guidelines are being followed especially when prescription sampling programs are in play.

There are several items to consider when choosing the right CRM solution for your organization. Management software can be configured specifically to meet your needs. By selecting a highly configurable platform, you are assured to implement a solution that is suitable to your business goals. 

Choosing CRM Tools

Once you understand what your business needs, you can start looking for the specific CRM tools that will benefit your business the most. When it comes to tools in Life Sciences, your CRM selection criteria should include ease of use, total cost of ownership, robust reporting capabilities and scalability. A proper CRM software should allow you to create a personalized experience for all users within the organization. CRMs are most effective when used more frequently, but whether you use it once a day or once a week, it must be effective and reliable providing your team with the information they need to be successful in their positions, from managing meetings, sales calls follow up, calendaring in addition to handling marketing materials appropriately. By effectively managing relationships within a CRM, you foster a strong bond that will remain in place for many years.

CRM Solutions

Life science CRM solutions must contemplate your company’s business objectives and needs, but also cater to end users. For example, the platform should be hardware agnostic allowing multiple types of devices to be used without issue.  Managing relationships between your company and the customers you serve involves knowing as much about them as possible. You need to know prescribing trends, the ideal form of communication (phone, text, or email), product reimbursement information, delivery options and any other information that will allow you to provide them the degree of quality service they expect. Effective CRM solutions give you a chance to stay on top of all aspects of your business and allow for maintenance of solid relationships with each of your customers.

CRM Protocols

Older customer relationship management solutions demanded hours out of a field representatives regular workday. With today’s technology, however, managing customer relationships takes just a few seconds. The right CRM software can organize large quantities of information in a short period of time with ease and enable cross-departmental collaborations. Protocols can be implemented that will allow the software to broadcast organizational notifications, track inventory, pre-schedule calls and many other tasks that would have been previously time consuming.

Contact Synergistix Today 

Choosing the best CRM for your business starts with knowing what is available that meets your needs. Synergistix gives you the CRM tools and solutions you need to cater to your clients. The benefits of a quality CRM solution go far beyond simply organizing data, they facilitate solid working relationships that life science companies can build on. Synergistix helps lay the foundation for those relationships so that your company can continue to build a strong bond that will result in many years of growth for both you and your clients.

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How Synergistix Can Help Optimize Your Existing Sampling Program

Sampling is critical within the life science industry. As the world continues to change and evolve since COVID-19, optimizing your existing sampling program is key. Using the appropriate methods of sampling means you’re efficiently communicating with doctors and ultimately helping patients. Recently, the sampling landscape and the way we work has changed. Pharmaceutical representatives less and less are going into providers offices. More than ever, it is necessary for pharmaceutical companies to evolve while continuing to abide by PDMA guidelines. 

There are various options with the Synergistix SampleIQ suite of services standing above all other alternatives. What sets Synergistix’ SampleIQ solutions apart is a robust yet highly configurable system. Rather than providing clients with cookie-cutter solutions, Synergistix considers and implements solutions specific to each customer’s unique circumstances. By eliminating antiquated methods and processes, Synergistix helps companies optimize their sampling methods. For instance, if an organization is still using paper in its sampling programs (which always has higher compliance risks, is not environmentally sensitive, and typically costs more to process), one of the first things that will be done is to suggest the best-automated approach such as the utilization of an HCP Portal, Rep Portal or a Rep Triggered Remote Sample Request mechanism. These electronic solutions will ensure any sampling program runs smoother, eliminates paper, and are more cost-effective.

What are the benefits of product sampling?

In terms of the benefits of product sampling, there are two significant aspects to take into account:

  • Patient Access: One of the top benefits of product sampling is providing patients access to therapies which may otherwise not have been readily available to them or new therapies they may not have had the opportunity to try.
  • Trial and error: Product sampling helps pharma companies get in front of doctors to ensure their patients are the recipients of the best therapies available. When the HCP observes positive results, the patient ultimately benefits. With COVID-19 and social distancing, sampling is no longer done in person to the extent it once was. SampleIQ solutions facilitate patients gaining access to needed medications in the most efficient way possible.

How does Synergistix provide reliability and monitoring?

As a company, Synergistix’ focal point is compliance solutions for the life sciences industry. It is always the goal to provide each client with tailored solutions base on industry expertise blended with the best technology. With years of providing solutions to the industry, Synergistix is in a unique position to understand what their clients need. The Synergistix team works closely with each client to collaborate and create actionable solutions that are both practical and actionable. From providing a CRM tailored explicitly to life sciences and SampleIQ compliance solutions to help companies navigate the evolving world of sampling, Synergistix stays ahead of the curve.

Synergistix offers innovative solutions focusing on the latest technologies to optimize productivity. Using CRM and SampleIQ solutions, companies can leverage cutting-edge sampling and monitoring solutions to allow their teams to focus on the HCP experience.

How to use SampleIQ

In terms of effective product sampling programs, SampleIQ is a cutting-edge offering providing a broad range of services and applications. SampleIQ solutions enable life science organizations to comply with PDMA regulations by assisting with business rule reviews, regulatory filings, signature verification letters, reconciliation processing, and sample distribution form management, all under Synergistix team’s watchful eye. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Synergistix can help optimize your sampling programs by providing tailored solutions.
  • SampleIQ helps companies stay in compliance with PDMA regulations.
  • SampleIQ easily integrates with any CRM platform or device and our team offers comprehensive services and support.

Overall, if you are seeking a method of optimizing your existing sampling program, Synergistix is the standout choice. To learn more about this product, contact us today.

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Expectations for Vendor Partners

There are numerous “tricks of the trade” that come with working as a vendor partner. Maintaining a good partnership boils down to the communication and trust that should exist between the client and the vendor. Effective communication is critical for any vendor relationship, but given the importance of a CRM system in day to day operations, the bar needs to be set very high. At Synergistix, we understand how important it is to have a strong partnership built on trust and performance. It should be no question or surprise that life science companies choose us repeatedly for our strong problem-solving approach and the emphasis we put on building long-term customer relationships. When choosing a CRM vendor, considering the relationship with the vendor is key. 

What Is A CRM Vendor?

A CRM vendor offers customer relationship management services so that both past and potential customer interactions are made accessible. It is one of the several unique approaches that allows companies to analyze and manage interactions with potential, current and past customers. Specifically, in the life sciences realm, functionality of the CRM will allow for easy to use robust reporting capabilities and scalability throughout time. A CRM vendor should be promoting the personalized experience that all users within the organization will gain. 

Vendor Relationship Management

Vendor relationship management does take skill but should not be overly time consuming. If an issue arises with the CRM technology, the vendor should communicate deliberately with their client regarding that issue and appraise them of follow up actions taken to solve it. It should not be left to the client to find the issue and inquire with the vendor what occurred. This hands-on approach taken by the vendor will result in a more trusting relationship with clients. In order to avoid business disruptions Synergistix proactively monitors system activity believing the best resolution of an issue is to prevent problems in the first place. 

Synergistix Expectations for Clients

Because it is crucial to understand the issues as they are occurring or as close to the occurrence as possible, the number one thing Synergistix strives for is open communication from clients to facilitate proactive management and timely solutions. Once an issue is reported to us, we triage appropriately and diagnose quickly to ensure that a remediation plan will be put in place utilizing appropriate corrective measures. These lines of communication between the client and the Synergistix team will ultimately help forge a productive working relationship.

Building a Partnership

Open communication goes hand in hand with building a strong vendor partnership. A vendor in a partnership with a client needs to go above and beyond simply delivering services and sending a bill. Instead, it is critical to be mutually invested and have full understanding of the business that they are serving, as well as what is important to one another. All businesses have distinct needs, operate how they see fit and face unique challenges. A CRM vendor needs to understand the potential challenges that their partner could face and work with that client to address them efficiently. Businesses are not static, they are always evolving, adding new products and services. A partner will need to evolve with the business that they are servicing. 

Contact Synergistix

Vendor client relationships are critically important, especially in the life sciences realm, where CRM systems are crucial for the productivity of a business. Synergistix has been building strong client relationships since 1997. Driving commercial success in the life sciences industry is at the forefront of operations and success. Between our collaborative approach, technical excellence and industry-leading innovation/security, it should come as no surprise why people choose us over the competition. Contact us today for further information on how we can benefit you. 

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The Synergistix 2021 Collaboration Conference

The Annual Synergistix Collaboration Conference is a no cost, invitation-only event that provides an opportunity to take advantage of networking and idea sharing in an intimate setting with leaders across the life science industry. The 2021 Synergistix Conference will be virtual this year where we will be conducting several mini webinars on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the month of April.

Why Should You Attend the Synergistix Conference?

This year’s conference will hindsight 2020 and explore the future of the life sciences industry. Synergistix has hosted this conference for more than 15 years. Following a TED style format, we ensure our attendees are engaged and well informed. The conference will showcase industry experts from multiple areas within the pharmaceutical marketplace including operations, sales, training, distribution, government and data analytics.

Presenters at This Year’s Conference

We are excited to collaborate with industry leaders like Teresa Farmer, Associate Director of Sales Operations at Otsuka America Pharmaceutical. Teresa’s experience includes various roles in the Pharmaceutical and Contract Sales Industry for over the past 25 years. Also joining us is Wendy Wolf, President and Founder of Impact Bio. Wendy is a successful sales, marketing, operations, and business development leader with over 26 years of industry experience. Our keynote speaker, Frank Adamo, Senior Special Agent (Ret.) worked in the Drug Enforcement Administration in New York City and transferred to the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General Trenton, NJ Office in 2012. To name just a few of our lineup of esteemed speakers. 

What Can You Expect?

Here is a preview of topics you can look forward to:

  • Direct to Patient Sampling: What You Need to Consider Before Making the Leap – Robert Melillo, G&M Health and Jay Lambert, Synergistix.
  • Patient Longitudinal Data, TRx Tracking, and Sales Crediting – Andrew Badurina, Acorda Therapeutics and Matthew Hutcheson Tegra Analytics. 
  • Government Oversight, Audit and Investigations, Oh My! “We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto” – Frank Adamo, Retired DOJ.
  • Data Analytics for Better Business and Compliance Insight – Chelsea Ott and Ben Goodrow, MedPro Systems. 
  • The Art and Science of Conceptual Thinking – Michael Meyerkopf, Synergistix.

Key Takeaways

  • The annual Synergistix Conference is a way to share ideas and learn with select leaders across the life science industry.
  • The conference presenters represent all facets of the life sciences industry, including marketing, operations, data and analytics, sales, training and market access.
  • In the best interest of Synergistix clients and partners, we have decided to make our conference virtual this year. The 2021 conference will be a series of webinars that will be held in April.
  • Attendance for the webinars is free and invitation only.

Supporting You and Your Business

The annual conference is one of many value-added services Synergistix offers to life sciences companies. Synergistix’s primary role is to drive the commercial success of Life Science companies by enabling them to build highly compliant and effective teams with the help of our CRM systems and Sampling solutions. We consider ourselves to be life science solution consultants. We work collaboratively with you to help you succeed and continue making our offerings cutting edge to meet your needs.

Our customer support has been legendary since our founding in 1997. From sales and implementation to post-implementation support, we work with you each step of the way. All of the above, comes with one of the lowest total costs of ownership in the industry. 

Contact us for your life science solutions and for an invitation to our upcoming webinars.

How Does Synergistix’s CRM Compare to Competitors

A Customer Relationship Management platform, or a CRM, for life science companies is a system that supports the automation of sales and marketing activities, administrative responsibilities and processes for a company’s sales professionals. A CRM’s foundational technology is implemented to automate a company’s sales processes, making it integral to its selling model to ensure regulatory compliance. This blog will delve into what is the best CRM for 2021 and what to consider when choosing a CRM. 

Which Is the Best CRM for Life Sciences?

Working in life sciences is very complex with the number of rules and regulations that exist in the industry today. Staying organized without a CRM will be an impossible task. A CRM designed specifically for life sciences will provide a competitive advantage. An organization shouldn’t have to compromise on functionality to match the CRM system. Synergistix’ CRM, CATS (Customer Analysis and Targeting System), provides a flexible solution for each customer’s needs that will work well across all departments, including field sales, sales operations, marketing, home office personnel, sales management, medical science liaison’s and market access departments alike. 

CATS also minimizes the number of “clicks” required to enter calls, find customers, enter customers and all other transactions needed to navigate the system, so that users spend less time in the system and more time in front of customers. Finally, Synergistix has a lower total cost of ownership than its competitors. It delivers a tailored solution, so life science organizations do not need to pay for costly programming or hire personnel to adapt or make the CRM fit for purpose. The Synergistix team configures CATS to each organization’s unique needs so they do not need to devote additional time and resources. Additionally, there are no hidden costs with Synergistix.

Our CRM Software Tools

Our cloud-based suite of solutions is rooted in having a deep understanding of each life science customer’s unique challenges and are configured accordingly. When configuring and launching your system, we work side-by-side with all appropriate stakeholders through six phases: Assessment, Configuration, Data Integration, Infrastructure Setup, Pilot and Roll Out.

The Synergistix CRM offering is all-inclusive with dynamic reporting capabilities and analytics. Pricing includes all modules, dedicated account management, hardware management and support by our world-class Help Desk. It includes enabling state of the art features such as call-planning, dash boarding, sample accountability and dynamic reporting capabilities. The system is flexible, allowing for additional products and other changes. Essentially, the Synergistix approach can assist with many of the tasks required in commercial operations greatly simplifying your internal processes and lowering the total cost of ownership. 

What solutions do CRMs offer?

The best CRM solutions are flexible and easy to use. They not only accept a multitude of call types and store customer information, they allow Sample monitoring for PDMA compliance purposes. Additionally, they provide GEO Targeting functions, have CLM capabilities, capture HCP signatures while also providing a variety of standard and tailored reports on contacts, types of contacts made, doctors’ names for each territory and dates of visit.

What is the best CRM for 2021? 

The best CRM is one that is configured based on your needs, with a wide array of features that can adjust with the ever changing needs of your industry and company goals. Because of the wide array of features and flexibility, this results in a lower total cost of ownership by centralizing and simplifying processes. We understand how important this is to our life sciences clients because of all the tasks that need to work in tandem. 

Key Takeaways

  • CRM solutions help life sciences companies organize customer information, target calls, automate follow-up dates, monitor and track samples and provide detailed and customizable reports.
  • The best CRM solutions are configured based on customer needs and have all-inclusive pricing to prevent budget surprises and lower the total cost of ownership. It is also dynamic and easy to use. CATS comes with help desk support, hardware management and a dedicated account manager.
  • Synergistix provides a tailored, all-inclusive solution that is dynamic and easy to use. Our team is with you every step of the way.
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How Synergistix Meets the Needs of Various Departments

Synergistix provides CATS (Customer Analysis and Targeting System), a multifunctional CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool designed specifically for the life sciences sector and useful for a variety of departments within life science organizations. CRM processes are intricately involved in and facilitate the improvement of sales, marketing and many types of metric-based programs. This is because CRMs allow for a consistent view of a customer, and provide a mechanism for capturing customer interactions. This occurs in such a way that companies are able to review and uncover the information needed to optimize initiatives and activities and make them more effective. By tying the various levels of interactions together with performance data, a clear picture of what may or may not affect performance can emerge.

How each Department Benefits from a CRM

CATS allows its users to see the full picture and make changes as needed. By collecting new information and comparing it to historical metrics such as, sales performance, call data etc, it provides a clearer overview of cause and effect. It must also be able to relate this information to the history of those interactions. By using a CRM like CATS, life sciences companies can be sure that they are compliant and avoid any costly internal issues.

When it comes to stakeholders such as medical science liaisons and market access teams, CATS can help these areas with modules specifically tailored for the unique needs of each.

How Synergistix Helps Customer Relationship Management Strategy

When it comes to customer relationship management strategy, CRMs play a major role. Given that CRMs allow companies to assess various aspects of the company and make changes based on the feedback received, using a CRM makes it possible for companies to take on a customer centric approach. This means that companies can make decisions based on first-hand feedback from the customers themselves. For life science organizations, we provide (CLM) Closed Loop Marketing capabilities directly through the CATS system.

Using a Collaborative CRM

Using a collaborative CRM can boost the customer experience as a whole. While operational CRM’s play a major role in how this data is received, collaborative CRM’s help to ensure companies have a fully functional system allowing them to leverage customer feedback to make continuous improvements. All Synergistix solutions, including the CATS CRM, are rooted in the Synergistix Ecosystem. This allows information to easily be shared across platforms. Therefore, making real-time information readily available and ultimately, providing better results overall.

Key Takeaways

  • CATS is a versatile solution that helps meet the needs of various departments.
  • Using a collaborative CRM, like CATS, can boost the overall customer experience.
  • A CRM allows companies to take on a customer centric approach.

Overall, the use of the Synergistix CATS CRM can help companies meet the needs of customers in a multitude of ways. If your life sciences company is struggling with an inflexible CRM, consider giving Synergistix a call.